The best ways to market a small business

Marketing for start-ups and small business can be a daunting task especially when you have insufficient funds and resources available. That’s why we have put together a list of platforms to cover to give you a head start.

Print marketing

Now we are fully emerged in the digital age there are still ongoing debates as to whether brands think that traditional media methods are still necessary. The answer is yes! For a small business your first port of call is to get your brand name out there and exploring all media outlets is the best way to do just that. Judy Davis, proposition development manager at The Chartered Institute of Marketing said, although start ups often use social media and digital as low-cost options for promoting their brand, print can be equally effective. “It’s not a question of either/or. Every media touch point plays a role,”

Promotional materials

Let’s face it we all love a promotion, especially if it’s something we can get our hands on for a discounted price! Promotions are there to grab the reader’s attention and engage them in products, discounts or service announcements. When done well, especially with a visual element, everything from the colours to the text will be specific to the target audience that the brands are communicating with. The promotional message itself will need to be analysed in depth to ensure it is something their audience will take an interest to.

Social media

We should all know by now how big social media has become and how important they are for business. Whether you are small, medium or large if you are trying to approach a business or consumer you need to be visible online. The good news about social media is that it is cost effective, easy to manage and can target a vast audience. Although in order to develop a following through social media you need to be posting regular, relatable information, engaging with your audience and interacting with new ones. It is also important to consider where your audience are as opposed to the correct social media platform. Facebook is considered more of a friendly, personal social media page where people connect with family friends and small business. Twitter can be considered as more of a platform for b2b networking and you tend to see announcements from big organisations uploaded on there too. The same applies for LinkedIn which is considered a platform for B2B engagement and interaction, great for job opportunities and corporate discussions. Instagram and Pinterest are there for people who are interest in the visual as they are predominantly images/videos. There are many more channels to choose from and a simple trial and error method will determine which ones are right for you.


Blogs are informative discussions posted on the internet; particularly concerning specific categories.  Whether it is, fashion, marketing, cooking, teaching there will be a blog out there for you. Blogs are great for business as they can be used internally or externally. Blogging has become a profession for some who have increased a mass popularity of followers who are keen to see what they are posting next. That is why companies are now quick to send over their products for reviews and targeted exposure at a low cost. Blogs have now transitioned to videos known as ‘vlogs’ where people can express their discussion on a topic or product for their audience in a visual format.


Having a good website is extremely important as this is the platform that instantly reflects you. If you click on a website that is boring, old fashioned, text heavy with a lack of content your visitors will most likely be defected elsewhere. Your website should grab the audience instantly and be easy to use, informative and visually stand out from competitors.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns tie in with promotional materials as you can use them to approach an audience and deliver discounts, new products and services in a visual creative method – promoting brand awareness. For most brands in order to purchase a product from their website you will need to upload your email address, through this they can gather a list of data to send their content to as they will know what kind of products you have looked at or purchased so in the future you can approached with similar products.

Outside marketing advice

Outside marketing offers you the ability to control what content is produced without having to do it yourself. Infrared media are professional marketing consultants. We have an in house team who work hard to create original, informative and targeted content for our clients. We are here to take the reins on all the time consuming efforts that marketing entails so that business leaders don’t have to worry.

For more information about how to market a small business or an enquiry in to our services contact us.

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